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Ok, so in Feb of 2013, I purchased a bedroom set (queen sized bed, dresser with mirror, and a night stand)from the Cleo's warehouse on 65th st in Little Rock. Not only did they have an extra piece of furniture (that I did not order) there packaged and waiting for me, but the headboard was NOT the one I had chosen! I'm a VERY detailed person, so I noticed right away. It wasn't a big deal because they were pretty similar, but I found it unprofessional that they weren't even going to mention it and thought I wouldn't notice. That was the first red flag.

Secondly, after sleeping in the bed for about a week, I started to notice lumps in my mattress and the side I slept on was beginning to sink in. I moved to the other side of the bed, AND the middle. Same problem. They replaced the mattress and claimed that I must have gotten one from a bad batch, but that was bologna! The replacement did the same thing. I'm not a big person at all, so it was definitely the cheap a** material they were using.

The third issue was how they blew up my freaking phone, (even from before the very first payment came due) to "remind me" of my due date. I told them I didn't need a reminder and asked that they not call me about it, but they kept calling. I felt that if they were going to call as a "reminder", at least let the entire business day of my ACTUAL DUE DATE pass before you bombard my cell with calls and voicemails. Geez.

Eventually, choice words were exchanged, and so were the telephone hang ups. I never had any problems out of the dresser. The cheap a** mattresses they kept giving me, and their crappy a** customer service is what made me lose all respect for the company.

Bottom line is, I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN, NOR WILL I EVER REFER ANYONE! If you're looking to buy furniture, look somewhere else, because Cleo's ain't the place. RUN!!!

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And also I had major issues with the wood (legs and parts of the bed frame) chipping almost immediately. Just ridiculous. RUN, RUN, RUN!!!

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